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"We bought gelato there today. FRESHLY made … creamy … beautiful, like clouds melting on my tongue. Not too sweet. Get the vanilla! And the limone! Oh Rustic, Rustic … what you are doing to my waistline? Ha! But I love you nonetheless. Maybe just a little too much …."

come in


Drop in and sample some of our mouthwatering flavours and decide which one you love the best. Our gelato is made daily and you’ll taste fresh ingredients as you enjoy it to cool off.
For those of you who are pondering over the question “isn’t gelato just an Italian word for ice cream?”
You have to visit the Rustic Bakery and try our gelato, so that you will understand why we believe our handmade gelato to be superior to the ice cream you could buy in a super-market. Our Handmade Gelato is produced with the best raw materials available in the market following Italian tradition and innovation. Our high-quality gelato production uses milk and cream as our main base. By using ingredients like organic fresh eggs, white-cane sugar, cocoa, raw chocolate, Italian hazelnuts and pistachios we start to shape the flavours. It is the natural aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and notes of coffee that finish off many of our customers favorites. Most importantly many of our handmade gelato flavors have a low fat content—fruit water ices which naturally have no fat.
In true Italian tradition preservatives are absolutely prohibited, as well we do not use artificial aromas, nor food colourings, nor anything else that is artificial, we let the natural flavors and aromas speak for themselves.
The one essential ingredient that can not be quantified is the passion that goes into every cup of gelato.

Remember that gelato is “Slow-Food,” that reminds us share the moment with the family and friends, so be sure to bring along someone to enjoy it with.